Mushroom Kingdom Magic

For millions of years, mushrooms have been used for their medicinal properties, most commonly in the east. Did you know that mushrooms are 200 million years older than plants and that there are 1.5 million species of fungi? 20,000 of them produce mushrooms and they come in an incredible diversity of shapes and sizes and colors.


HIGHVIBE Raspberry Cake

Today we wanna share with you one of our all-time favorite raw cake recipes. ...


All About Cordaceps

For centuries, Cordyceps have been used for their medicinal properties, especially in the East. They have been scientifically proven to provide help type 2 diabetics, fight inflammation, asthma, depression, diabetes, fatigue, and lower cholesterol. ⁣


The HIGHVIBE Mushrooms Story

Our bodies felt super light and relaxed and our mind was clear and present. Over the next couple of weeks, we continued to take it everyday by starting our day off with a serving and doing another 1 or 2 throughout the day. The energy felt incredible especially because there were no jitters. We started telling our close friends and family and they got on it as well and loved the results. We soon realized that we didn’t have enough of a supply to get this out to everyone and start researching into how to get more of it. Eventually, HIGHVIBE Mushrooms was created.⁣


What makes HIGHVIBE Mushrooms Different?

HIGHVIBE Mushrooms mycelium powder is grown & cultured on organic oats. Mycelium is like the root structure of the mushroom & every cubic inch of the soil it's grown in contains up to 8 miles of mycelium. The mycelium functions as the feeding structure of a fungus. Its fibrous structure maximizes contact with the food source. It is a highly intelligent microscopic neural network that is 700 million years old.