What makes HIGHVIBE Mushrooms Different?

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Unlike other mushroom blends that only use the fruiting body of the mushroom, LIMITLESS contain both mycelium and fruiting bodies to provide the complete nutrient profile.  We process & mill the entire mushroom, both the fruiting body and the mycelium in order to maximize the mushroom’s capability, unleashing their many benefits.

Our blend contains a complex array of beteropolysaccharide compounds (beta glucans, alpha glucans & polysacchropeptides) and has been shown to interact with cells of our immune system to strength & balance immune function. 

HIGHVIBE Mushrooms mycelium powder is grown & cultured on organic oats. Mycelium is like the root structure of the mushroom & every cubic inch of the soil it's grown in contains up to 8 miles of mycelium. The mycelium functions as the feeding structure of a fungus. Its fibrous structure maximizes contact with the food source. It is a highly intelligent microscopic neural network that is 700 million years old.

Our mushrooms are grown on a gluten free organic oat substrate with husks in tact increases the potency of the mushrooms. We use a proprietary process known as solid state fermentation which allows for the full capture of the 100s of enzymes and other bio active compounds that the mushrooms make.

This tonic, organic complex array of mushrooms delivers a long-lasting boost of energy & focus without the jittery side-effects & can be added to your smoothie, coffee or matcha tea, or simply mixed with water for ultimate cognitive clarity, energy & focus.

By: Angelique Huntsman
Transformational Lifestyle Coach & Founding Member of
HIGHVIBE Mushrooms

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