The Magic of Mycelium

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For millions of years, mushrooms have been used for their medicinal properties, most commonly in the east. Did you know that mushrooms are 200 million years older than plants and that there are 1.5 million species of fungi? 20,000 of them produce mushrooms and they come in an incredible diversity of shapes and sizes and colors. In fact, the abundant mushroom kingdom has 7x more species than plants and many are shocked to learn that have more similarities to humans than plants. They can literally breathe in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide exactly like humans and share 40% if human DNA and 60% of human RNA compared to plants who only share 5% of human DNA. Because mushrooms contain many of the same pathogens as humans, they are able to assist in balancing and boosting our immune systems.

What is Mycellium?

 Mushrooms at the fruiting bodies of fungi but the bulk of the organism is living under ground and it's composed of these long threads that grow one cell at a time. Simply put, the mycelium is the vegetative underground part of the mushroom, similar a plant’s root system. It has a vast underground network that supports entire ecosystems.

Picture of Mycelium & Fruiting Body

According to the 2019 documentary “Fantastic Fungi”, the mycelium is “nature’s intelligence” which holds the wisdom of a billion years as fungi regenerate soil that gives new life.  The network has threadlike strands which serve as the primary life system of the mushroom.   

Mycelium contains important bio-active compounds and is full of polysaccharides, prebiotic fibers, neurotropic and immune-supporting compounds, many of which are only found or primarily in the mycelium.

Mushrooms are the “digestive tracts of the forest” and can help you understand nature in a deeper way. The mycelium is like an Internet network growing underground and has more networks in our brain has neuro passageways than our brain. It works with electrical pulses. Every single step you take on the earth has mycelium hiding underneath, creating a huge underground web in the forests. In fact, trees communicate using mycelium as passages and they store natures intelligence like a huge brain.

 This ancient intelligence that mushrooms store can help improve stamina & longevity, blood sugar levels, help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, enhance mood, combat fatigue/exhaustion as well as assist in cellular detoxification & the elimination of foreign/toxic substances. They can also help upgrades central nervous system & neural development, memory and special awareness.

By: Angelique Huntsman

Transformational Lifestyle Coach & Founding Member of HIGHVIBE Mushrooms

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